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Yes, you can now own property in Vanuatu and make above average ROI!



Tuesday, 27th August 2019
Impact and Ethical Investment In A Tax-Friendly Environment Is Now Available For Your Consideration
Have you ever had a secret desire to live on a tropical island?

Yes! with swaying palm trees and today’s fresh coconut juice?

Living a lifestyle that you could only dream, less stress, more friendly people, fresh fruits and produce, fish caught daily from the ocean, all at more than affordable this thereby reducing cost of living, with a pleasant climate this 24° in the winter 28° in the summer, no more traffic jams, no bank busting power bills and no speed and red light cameras.

Yes this is true , and Yes all this is now available just over 2 to 3 hours travelling time from Sydney or Brisbane

But I hear you ask how do I get there, how do I take the first step?

It’s time to learn all about the Republic of Vanuatu a tax friendly nation and in the archipelago of 83 islands which are just about to be discovered by the rest of the world with having their international airport expanded for long haul flights coming in from the South Pacific Rim Australasia and the Americas

Who are we…?

We are a company that promotes and sells developer real estate and businesses, with an emphasis on the benefit for the Purchasers, the Sellers, and our projects will always ultimately benefit the People of Vanuatu. In other words, we specialize in ethical IMPACT INVESTMENT projects. You will always feel good about the way people are being helped, the way the environment is being cared for when getting involved in our hand-picked enterprises. Of course, in keeping with impact investing guidelines, you will also enjoy higher-than-average returns.

We have investment opportunities for you to consider…

Pacific Haven Resort: Absolute Waterfront Resort Serviced Bungalows available to own

Vanuatu Sustainable timber: This is both an ethical and an impact investment (from plantations planted 30 35 years ago)!


South Pacific Plantations: This is both an ethical and an impact investment!


Vanuatu Passports: When you need the flexibility of a second passport

Richard would like to inform that our introduction nights although full of interesting facts figures and concepts and with over 40 years of hands-on experience in both property development and destination marketing neither Rebecca or Richard are certified practising accountants or lawyers but our backup team in Vanuatu consists these professionals and who can supply you with this advice for the local conditions for establishing a beachhead in”” Tax friendly” Vanuatu for yourself your business and your family.

Our product information night is just simply that an opportunity for you to learn what has taken 10 years of hands-on experience, what opportunities are available in the nearby Republic of Vanuatu.

The Vanuatu government has allowed investors to purchase property and from that purchase apply for residency via investment.

Please be advised we are not providing any expertise or advice in negative gearing or positive gearing we are simply providing an information night for your consideration you will not be asked to make any payment or sign any agreement on the night.

You will be invited if you wish to accompany Richard and Rebecca on an inspection trip in the near future a three-day weekend trip made up of two nights in three days experience this

BEST WESTERN Signature Collection Central Motel & Apartments

11 Antill Street Queanbeyan, NSW, 2620

Tuesday, 27th August 2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Why Vanuatu and why now…

Dubbed as the gem of the Pacific Ocean, Vanuatu has been the perfect destination of foreign investment for the last decade due to several reasons not limited to:
The imminent economic boom once the extension of the main international airport has been completed (2019), which will potentially increase the tourism two-to-threefold.
The favourable tax system since the Republic of Vanuatu has no current personal income tax, no corporate tax, no death duties, no capital gains tax and no tax on interest on bank accounts.
The Vanuatu government is encouraging several forms of foreign investment into agricultural, tourism and financial investments in return for permanent residency in the Island nation.
Approved permanent residency could provide investors access to the favourable tax system both personally and for their business. In addition, the investors would have the opportunity to settle down comfortably in this drop-dead gorgeous paradise island nation that has excellent relaxation and natural appeal.
The lifestyle is fantastic. We dream about this from every office window throughout the world. With winter temperatures averaging 24° and summer temperatures around 28°, you can enjoy an all-year-round tropical climate. Rainfall is 65 to 80 inches a year, so it is always green with plenty rainwater for your freshwater tanks and ample sunshine for your solar panels. Fresh meats and fish caught that day from the ocean and fresh organic fruit and vegetables are the order of the day. In addition, the people are a pleasure to deal with. No wonder Vanuatu was listed twice by the lonely planet publications in the last 7 years as the friendliest nation in the world.

Who is this seminar suitable for:

Self-motivated, goal orientated and ethical individuals who want to make a difference for yourself in the world
Individuals looking for that ordinarily ‘unaffordable’ escape to a beachcomber life but not wishing to give up the perks of the your lifestyle
Impact investors
Investors looking for a high return, sustainable and solid investment opportunity
People wanting to create a ‘plan B’
For those of you who are looking for an affordable alternative to invest in for lifestyle relocation or retirement

BEST WESTERN Signature Collection Central Motel & Apartments

11 Antill Street Queanbeyan, NSW, 2620

Tuesday, 27th August 2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


I have know Mr Richard Butler for many years , he is a very well educated competent business man.

Richard knows how to market and sell Resort properties as he has over 30 years of experience in the field


Brisbane, Australia

My contact with Richard is like a breath fresh air as his knowledge and experience certainly is well demonstrated as he offers his experience with Vanuatu lifestyle.

Sydney, Australia

Richard, has an in depth knowledge of tourist resort development from concept, approvals, financing, development, sales and management.

He is an exceptional salesperson in any market and I can highly recommend him to either source for you or secure the sale of your tourist unit.


Brisbane, Australia

I can share Richards enthusiasm for the South Pacific and its fabulous Islands including the archipelago of the 84 Island group that make up Vanuatu. He has produced some lovely projects including the current Project Pacific Haven Resort and follows through reliably with the construction and business end of all his projects.

Reliable and tenacious, I have had the pleasure and – still do – of working with Richard in all areas of marketing sales and project concepts and know he can be relied upon to deliver. I wish him well with this beautiful project and can see a very successful benchmark Resort for all to admire in the years ahead!


Arizona, USA


Richard Butler is a property developer with over 40 years of property development and destination marketing experience of which the last 10 of them have been in the Republic of Vanuatu. Richard is here to promote an information night on how you can not only discover this paradise but relocate retire and reinvent yourself which will reinvigorate your lifestyle

Many people feel the pressures of city living they feel lethargic; they feel that opportunity has missed them by and that the way property prices have spiralled the opportunity of getting ahead is so difficult and so non affordable they actually feel trapped.

Yes! Richard exclaims there is a place close by a nation that has the welcome mat out well and truly for you to learn about these opportunities as Richard did 10 years ago.

Richard visited Vanuatu in January 2008 and immediately fell in love with the islands and not to mention has made many friends with the resident island population known as Ni Van’s and Vanuatu was awarded the most friendliest nation in the world.

This this Richard from Melanesian Waterfront Real Estate Ltd is here promoting the opportunity for you to learn all about this tax friendly nation that has put out the welcome mat for those of you who are looking for an affordable alternative to invest in for lifestyle relocation or retirement

Richard has had 10 years experience in commercial projects in the Republic of Vanuatu and for five of the last six years has also been appointed trade Commissioner for the Republic of Vanuatu with a special brief to promote investment internationally in large ecotourism resort projects, organic agricultural projects, sustainable forestry, aquaculture development and promoting residency via investment as well as being a authorised representative for the Vanuatu passports and citizenship program via Melanesian waterfront real estate Ltd.

Rebecca is an experienced Resort General Manager and Logistics Specialist with a strong background in Customer Service,

Rebecca moved to Vanuatu in 2011 to Manage a Resort with her husband Alan, who’s great love in life is scuba diving and having lived in Vanuatu for many years Alan is privy to some of the best diving spots in Vanuatu.

Both Rebecca & Alan, with their natural love of swimming, snorkeling, diving, sunshine and outdoor living fell in love with the raw beauty and lifestyle of this tropical island paradise and with Rebecca’s strong Customer Service, Office Management, Procurement background and with Alan holding a Postgraduate Degree in International Hotel and Resort Business Management, being a qualified Chef and qualified Commercial Diver (and has worked as a professional diver with over 30 years of dive experience ) along with an array of experience in Sales and Marketing, started their own Consultancy business in Vanuatu.

Rebecca is passionate about working with the Nivan population of Vanuatu in hospitality and clerical training and derives much satisfaction from knowing that she is making a difference. Rebecca also has a joint passion with Alan in the organic agriculture and development of an aquaculture project in Vanuatu.

With this hands-on experience in actually having made the move to Vanuatu themselves, Rebecca and Alan can provide a unique insight into the steps of relocating – resettling-government requirements and normal day to day living in Vanuatu. Rebecca is a director of Melanesian waterfront real estate.

Rebecca has a passion for the emerging blockchain technologies and last year undertook the very first University Blockchain coursed offered in Australia through RMIT Melbourne University, this has led to Rebecca having an understanding of blockchain implications in the Agricultural industries, smart contracts, Digital assets, and is keen to use this knowledge for the future of Vanuatu

Having temporarily moved back to Australia (and hoping to return to our Island Paradise next year) Rebecca is a co-presenter has been working closely with Richard Butler in presenting an invitation to consider Opportunities in Vanuatu throughout Australia and Overseas.


BEST WESTERN Signature Collection Central Motel & Apartments

11 Antill Street Queanbeyan, NSW, 2620

Tuesday, 27th August 2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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