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Psst!  What’s the closest South Sea Island Paradise to Australia?

This really is the tropical island paradise you have been looking for.  It’s called “The Land of Smiles”— and it’s YOU who will be smiling!
Vacation, Relocate, Retire, Invest – you will find paradise in Vanuatu.

It’s been kept a secret for years, despite James Michener using it as the setting for his novel Tales of the South Pacific, and later made even more famous as the setting for the play and Hollywood musical South Pacific.

Then in more recent times the location for the first island in the high-rating Survivor TV series.


First, the negatives…

  • NO dangerous animals
  • NO bone-weary long flights to get there
  • NO rush-rush rat-race lifestyle

…and now we get to the REALLY interesting negative stuff…

  • NO personal income tax
  • NO corporate income tax
  • NO death duties
  • NO high barrier to residency for retirees or relocators
  • NO reason not to use an SMSF to get paid a great return


So much for the negatives.  Now read on…

To hear about the positives, book the Vanuatu expert,  two-times Trade Commissioner to Australia for Vanuatu, “Richard Butler” to speak to your group.

Richard gained extensive experience as a twp-times Trade Commissioner, travelling to mainland China a number of times representing Vanuatu.  He is currently a Project Manager.  As you can imagine he has a lot to say on the subject close to his heart: Vanuatu!

He spends most of his time between Sydney, Brisbane and Port Vila, and in the second half of 2019, he is presenting a series of fast-paced informative evenings called “Imagine Paradise.”

Call now or use the form linked from the button below to book Richard for your group.  Then at the free session learn about…

1 Vanuatu Eco- tourism with projected tourism tripling in visitor numbers

2 Absolute Waterfront Resort with land and bungalows package

3 Hardwood plantation timber harvesting

4 Organic farming of red papaya: a passive income for astute investors

. . . All are recognised as Ethical & Impact Investments

5 Vanuatu Passport: When You Need The Flexibility Of A Second Passport

6 Permanent Residency: Available Via Investment

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